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​HEATER MAGAZINE provides crime at the highest and lowest level every month. This month's story by DARIN Z. Krogh is about a gold hearted hooker in Wallace, Idaho and a private detective who gets in over his head. Order from AMAZON
Welcome to The Dark City Crime and Mystery magazine. For those who like to see the best in people we offer a little disappointment. The people who inhabit The Dark City have an alternate view of morality. They solve problems the old-fashioned way—through violence and theft. 

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The Dark City is a quarterly magazine featuring crime and mystery stories set in the American west with an emphasis on stories that illuminate character and setting. We prize writing and appreciate humor in our fiction. Recent stories have featured madness, revenge, paranoia, murder-for-hire, and telling tales out of school. The citizens of The Dark City walk down ordinary streets, but have extraordinary lives (and deaths). Please visit The Dark City. You'll be glad you did. Buy a copy at Amazon or AUNTIE'S BOOKS in Spokane.
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